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Automated control systems

Control complex analog and digital communication networks of "radius"
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The main advantages of the complex - the highest measurement accuracy, combined with exceptional urgency of their analysis. "Radius" automatically measures and records the parameters means train radio and transmission networks (TETRA, GSM, GSM-R, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max), tying them to coordinate, track...
Group: Control integrated systems
Contact measurement of complex network settings
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The complex is located in the diagnostic car has a roof (above the undercarriage axis) installed collectors measuring and observation tower with measuring equipment. In some cases, there is also the commercial TV installation. observation tower design ensures all-round view of its control and...
Group: Control integrated systems
The complex is a high-speed control of the trolley wire
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The complex is intended for operation on the electrified railway tracks with a width of track of 1520 mm and can move as the separate locomotive, and as a part of the passenger train. All measurements of a contact wire and current collector make sensors of a complex beskontaktno. Parameters of a...
Group: Control integrated systems


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